Fantasy is the game, fate is the outcome. What you do in Lala land may lend to your perseverance. And it’s not the glitz nor the glitter, it’s the cleanup crew. It’s not all the new fine paint, it’s the preparation. You may see Shangri-La, yet it’s the back 40 that scratches your back and festers with weeds. You may feel the Jones or Smith’s stock rise, but you’re sinking like some lead balloon. That’s plain and simple so never dismiss the fact that we need a Disneyland in the middle of our barren oasis.

Perseverance, which means, never letting the strong tide push you down.

By working hard.

By quieting the voice of resistance.

By taking action.

By maintaining enthusiasm.

By being creative.

By acting like a real grown up.

By doing more than one thing.

By letting go.

By being prepared.

By creating a support network.

By taking care of yourself.

Nelson Mandela

“We’re over comers or overcome by life.”(Mr.D)