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This is my total take from all my life experiences, and you know how I thoroughly enjoy crappy experiences. And some have called me flamboyant, while others have labeled me a complete dumbass, but from all their rhetorical BS, I’ve become a stellar, more proficient humanoid.

Since life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you need. Sucking is the downside while blowing is pushing it to the side of the road. The two belong as one, because when you suck, you blow, big time buster!

Not everyone will agree with me, and I’m sure you will follow suit, yet don’t file a suit cause of my satirical or facetious take on trial and error. I’m here to have fun and eliminate any toxic waste resident within that measly frame of yours.

So you may thank me now or later, cause I believe the ends justify the means, in that, what you read here will be your classic how-to of coming back from adversity. And I know, we’ve all been there and done that, as for myself, it’s been a gazillion times over!

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Mark Is A Mark!


Mark Dawson is a Radio Show Host, Writer, a Comic, a Life Coach, a Musician, and an avid lover of Starbucks. Why Mark does what he does is left up to his predisposed DNA dysfunctional melt downs but don’t hold him hostage or burn him at the stake because his message is living proof that there is a God. Mark’s a native So Cal dude, born in Oildale Cali so he has no clue what’s going on outside his abandoned Nike Missile Silo. Trust his experience and verbiage because he believes, it pays to serve Jesus!

Co-Host Stone Manson!


Stone originally hails from Chicago, IL
B.S. in Economics & He likes to BS about economics
Former Middleweight Champion of the World in Professional Wrestling
Color commentator for Windy City Professional Wrestling
Below average bass player
Huge music fan with varied tastes from metal, classic rock, rap, etc.
Fanatical Cub Fan
Staunch Libertarian and Entrepreneur

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