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16 Get Ya 20

Out on the street, its 16 get you 20 and ironic how close that is to home, whether you live in the park or camp out in some section 8 trailer park trash, or use REI tents to homeschool your wee ones, we should never crossover into that forbidden tutorial line of fire. When I was in junior high, there was a teacher named Miss Bolton. I was a young scrapper of a 15-year-old, who knew she was a hottie before the actual use of the word was coined. But to think I would of been involved with some...

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Give me air!

This should be the greatest time in your life. No matter what’s going on, it’s all grandiose. If what you see is all fantasy or made-up fables within your mental instability, then you have a long way to go. America is the land of the free but the home of the indebted. You can’t separate obligation from responsibility. Making Christmas a festive time goes the distance. It’s all about memories. It’s all about faces. It’s all about why there is this time on the calendar that fills 364 other days. I have memories of toys that were melted in...

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Mark Dawson is a Radio Show Host, Writer, a Comic, a Life Coach, a Musician, and an avid lover of Starbucks. Why Mark does what he does is left up to his predisposed DNA dysfunctional melt downs but don’t hold him hostage or burn him at the stake because his message is living proof that there is a God. Mark’s a native So Cal dude, born in Oildale Cali so he has no clue what’s going on outside his abandoned Nike Missile Silo. Trust his experience and verbiage because he believes, it pays to serve Jesus!

Co-Host Stone Manson!


Stone originally hails from Chicago, IL
B.S. in Economics & He likes to BS about economics
Former Middleweight Champion of the World in Professional Wrestling
Color commentator for Windy City Professional Wrestling
Below average bass player
Huge music fan with varied tastes from metal, classic rock, rap, etc.
Fanatical Cub Fan
Staunch Libertarian and Entrepreneur

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