When It Sucks It Blows

Fun How-tos of Coming Back from University

Get Motivated With Fun!

If you’re looking for something that will . . .
Motivate you to laugh.
Inspire you to think.
Help you to dream.
Give you a ray of hope.
Or hand over the tools necessary for coming back from adversity.
Well, you found it here in When it Sucks it Blows!
Using laughter with satire makes the heart more open.
And no matter how bad you have it, or how good you think you have it, When it Sucks it Blows. And if it’s gone from bad to worse, and the methods you once mastered are now certifiably worthless, and the cool future that seemed huge has now come screeching to a halt, then this book is the key to your revitalization.
It’s where laughs begin and thoughts remain.
It’s where hope that was lost is now re-kindled.
It’s where your life that sucks, has at least an outside chance of recovery.
If you’re looking to probe and dig deeper into that void shell of yours, you found the litmus tool.
Because we’ve all been there and done that a million times, don’t ya think?
And were getting sick and tired of having those on the outside fray, chiming in by stating . . .
“Why you, why you?”
I want you to think.
I need you to dream.
I will help you laugh.
And maybe see you cry.
But the end result from all our toil together, will be the new and improved version of you!
And there’s nothing wrong with having a current update in living form, right?
Maybe what took a lifetime to get to is only seconds away.
Maybe the hope that was lost is now in recovery mode.
And it’s possible that what you thought was totally peachy, now reeks like a trash heap.
If it’s time to start over, let’s do it.
If it’s time to rebuild, let’s do it.
If it’s time to enjoy your life once again, let’s do it.
When it Sucks it Blows is all designed to land your Hindenburg.

–Mark Dawson