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Fantasy in a Fate World

I’m not sure if it’s tragic when things happen around us that we have zero control over. They happen and will happen despite our objection or even our acceptance. Fate is something that just takes place despite government approval. Whether random or systematically, things just happen in our life we can’t avoid. And in that world we exist in are we allowed to dream despite the objections from those opposing our position? We’ve heard of the phrase to hands in the pudding or not enough pots to pee in. The fantasy world is one we choose while the fate...

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Making More From Less

Homespun survivors are our present day minimalists. They are those who look for something in nothing. It’s like the Seinfeld show about absolutely squat. Getting is what you got. Because all you need is what you have at your disposable within arms-reach possibly. Creativity is something we all have, and yes there are those who are more expansive and more diversified yet we all have something we can do that sets us apart. Living from the lack takes talent. The driving force behind those who are designing their life around downsizing is a present day art-form that’s not so...

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Leech Farmer ala Americana Style

Don’t be grossed out by some of my terms or phrases that I’ve used in When it Sucks it Blows. I use phrases or terms to cause us all to rethink what we presently think we know. I’m here as a tree shaker to assist those who want to flourish. I have a unique brand of achieving success. Not many follow after my methods and I wouldn’t highly recommend anyone try to mimic my routine. The craziness is that what I do works every time. We all have parasites or those I label as leeches hanging within a close...

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Mark Dawson is a Radio Show Host, Writer, a Comic, a Life Coach, a Musician, and an avid lover of Starbucks. Why Mark does what he does is left up to his predisposed DNA dysfunctional melt downs but don’t hold him hostage or burn him at the stake because his message is living proof that there is a God. Mark’s a native So Cal dude, born in Oildale Cali so he has no clue what’s going on outside his abandoned Nike Missile Silo. Trust his experience and verbiage because he believes, it pays to serve Jesus!

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Stone originally hails from Chicago, IL
B.S. in Economics & He likes to BS about economics
Former Middleweight Champion of the World in Professional Wrestling
Color commentator for Windy City Professional Wrestling
Below average bass player
Huge music fan with varied tastes from metal, classic rock, rap, etc.
Fanatical Cub Fan
Staunch Libertarian and Entrepreneur

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