There are a few individual teachers who have impacted my sphere of thinking. I had a grammar school fifth-grade teacher who brought donuts every Friday, I had a junior high baseball coach who played catch with me four hours, and I had a creative writing instructor who influenced my life with his weird remarks and high grades while he was high on drugs, go figure. Roy is that special figurehead we all idolize because of its heroic nature. We all desire to follow in the footsteps of somebody who magnifies the impossible and there’s never anything wrong with looking while your eyes are bugging out of their sockets at someone who does something so effortlessly and so magnificently.

Giving honor to whom honor is due is such a vital aspect, whether it’s horizontal honor or mutual respect (person to person), or vertical honor which is giving praise and esteem to those who are superior(whatever their ranks). Honor is the value of a person in his own eyes, but also in the eyes of his society.


“If you paid the price, you might have to stand in line for the trophy.”(Mr.D)