Years before, I never thought about our planet, so why did I deserve a slap in the face for my abstinence or my non zealous rant to save Momma E   ? When you forget your beginnings, it’s easy to bring light to justify your exit. It’s not our saving grace, it’s God’s. And usually it’s not what we have done, it’s what we haven’t done. Those are called the acts of omission. We always tend to forget those we care for the most. We leave our daughters or sons at their school forgetting to pick them up as they cry in horror wondering where their parents are. It’s the fathers who are absent from watching their sons or daughters games. It’s the mothers who are amiss at helping the kids with their studies. And living green is not living large like Trump or Gates. And living green is not saving the whales with Green Peace like in front of Mother’s Market. Green is right, and ready for the picking!

Being considerate is valuing someone else’s life above your own, and is a major key for our revitalization for them, for us and the entire global monstrosity.

Here are seven ways you can tell if you’re being considerate.

The first is, you smile a lot, since you’re trying to see past the crappiness of life by setting the potency, that’s safe and secure for everyone within reach.

Secondly, you put others first, which is one of the greatest approaches to demonstrate compassion.

Thirdly, you try and overlook bad manners, because we all know how annoying character flaws can bother us to no end, and we need to avoid conflict, cause it’s peace at any cost, and that’s the goal.

Forth, you are patient, even when you don’t feel like it, since the most important party is the one that’s having issues that need attending to.

Fifth, you’re empathetic, and I don’t mean pathetic or that they’re impossible, but it’s imperative that you’re feeling their hurt, sensing their loss, or fixing what’s wrong.

Sixth is being intuitive or aware of other people’s needs, because if you don’t, who in the heck will?

And lastly, you have to apologize, but only when it’s appropriate. You can’t keeping saying over and over, “I’m sorry,” and expect that they’ll comprehend your response.

Al Gore

“Caring is not always green, maybe it’s only  gravel painted puke green.”(Mr.D)