There was a friend of mine who hated heights and if I asked him to climb a 6 foot ladder it would take hours to get him up and then straddle him down. There’s something about being a bird that puts us all to bed. Heights have never been my foe, but I can attest to the fact they could be my downfall which is an oxymoron. In construction we use ladders all the time to get in and out of an attic or on or off some roof. Yet ladders in real life are examples of the steps of action needed to take to raise up above the competition, and we are in competition, whether we’d like to say yes or say no to the reality of their fact. Humility goes a long ways while pride is a rabbit punch to the gut.

Jumping head first into the fire with no questions asked or zero hesitations flying in the wind is being ambitious on a Macy’s coat string. Because you’ll need ambition, so these character traits will factor into your everyday lifestyle of hit or miss.

It’s all about getting the job done.

It’s all about being good at what you do.

It’s all about making sure it will save the planet.

It’s all about someone else other than ourselves.

It’s all about following your passions and fulfilling your dreams.

It’s all about setting goals but not sharing them with anyone else.

It’s all about willing to take crazy risks.

It’s all about exposing yourself to new ways of thinking.

It’s all about being totally focused on the point of execution.

It’s all about, never jockeying for position with anyone else.

It’s all about surrounding yourself with true blue ambitious people.

Richard Branson

“Ambition jumps first, then asks questions later.”(Mr.D)