There is security and safety in normal. And don’t we all want those duel esses flooding our space and time? Not everyone flourishes when they’re apprehensive about their location, even if location, location, location is the key to their inevitable success. Those that care about themselves will not travel outside that box, while those who are concerned for others will walk on the ‘hot bed of coals’ that’s far removed from da box. What’s way out there should not cause fear, and what’s far removed, should stay long gone after our moonwalk.

I see abnormal behavior as the ultimate creative force for stability . . .

Cause there’s just something that always has to happen, to make it happen.

By either daring to mention the reality of climate change.

By making technology your servant, not your master.

By not assuming that self-employment is the answer.

By embracing your spirituality(your own, and not a boxed, prepackaged version).

By finding entertainment in nature instead of electronics.

By actively working for what you believe in.

By eating low on the food chain.

By living ‘car-light’.

By being curious about the opposing viewpoint.

By putting people first.

By ignoring silly unthinkable rules, like number 13 being unlucky.

And risk is all part of being outside this normal envelope we’re encased in.

Steve Jobs

“Weirdness comes with a trace of DNA.”(Mr.D)