When we know how far we should jump then hopefully the genetically sealed limitation finder of our manhood will become apparent, yet don’t let that stop the ultimate taste of victory, which comes in three colors, black, blue and bleeding profusely. It’s the rubber meets the road, it’s the friction against the tide, it’s the mortality or the frailty of humanity that eclipses history. And as some of said, “we’re history in the making.” Oh we, who are trapped in America, hold to this underdog theory that plagues our simple mathematical formula for greatness. We think it’s just hard work, but statistics prove otherwise, that there’s more to the stats than meets the eye. So never look for stop, never yield to caution, and for sure, never ever, buckle under the pressure of when to cave or when not to cave.

Seasoned cagger term refers to someone who has been doing something long enough to have experienced just about everything that could or would happen in a sport or any other endeavor, and is thus less likely to make mistakes when the stakes are high.

Dali Lama

“Winning is knowing how to deal with loss.”(Mr.D)