There’s a huge vacuum that’s in constant flux with those we are committed to. Whether we have our own makeshift persona or someone else’s, it’s just common to see the trade-off, even without a ‘home sweet home’ note from our dear o’ mother. Yes, there’s a leaching in all of us. Sometimes we can’t stand on our own two legs, so we steal somebody’s else’s prosthetic to make that jaunt around the park. If our life is an open book, let them read, if our ways of success are accessible to those around us, let them exhaust themselves in the pursuit. Let no man or woman be an island unto themselves, cause we’re all fair game, even if we remain out to lunch.

Committed is being sold out to an ideal:

When you’re frame of mind is right.

When you’ve refined your goals.

When you’re focusing on what’s most important.

When you’re holding yourself accountable.


“Those who lose their life, find it on a couch with a therapist.”(Mr.D)