In life we need both passion and a possessive drive. You can’t separate the two, they’re like twins at birth. Passion is something we tend to stray away from, because it’s that extremist in everyone that kind of bends us the wrong way. Passion walks the extra mile, it’s the added oomph, it’s the hands across America, it’s the never say die type of example.

Possession on the other hand is not the contrast yet it’s the added on link to make success a possibility. When I think of possession as I said in the chapter, I think of demonic or some philosophical ideology that has possessed that P brain of ours. The possession is not only 9/10 of the law, it’s also something we own whether we own it or not we touch and feel its existence.

So having the drive in both a passionate way and a very possessive manner will be the key to achieving massive global domination.

I know I am both in-bodied, so don’t let that bother you in the slightest. Someone has to leap while others just gawk.