Humans tend to cower under pressure. Humiliation is one form of forced behavior that creates a somewhat hostile environment. Humility is a self-induced choice. We learned from those we admire or idolize. It’s a good thing to be humble while on the flipside, to be humiliated in the midst of your fan base is completely unnecessary and has long-lasting negative results. One is self induced while the other is environmentally induced.

Education is of a premium nature these days because everyone wants to make a buck. No one is choosing a career where fun and excitement are the leading indicators. It seems so cheap to sacrifice time, knowledge and a huge slush fund of money to grab some degree that really has nothing to do with why you are here on the planet.

Not all of us can admit in the open court that we are complete idiots. Some bigger than others yet all of us share that same common idiot DNA. We are just losers. At least I can admit that, how about you? And a loser is not somebody who is lost and can be found they are someone who just doesn’t give a rats ass about their performance.

Most of my life I cheated, lied and chose the easiest road to hoe. I was entitled before the word entitlement became popular. I was a dysfunctional, emotionally unfit nitwit that only understood sports, stealing and whatever I could get at the cost of somebody else.